The Affiliate Yearbook is a guide designed to help you, as a CrossFit affiliate owner learn from other owners to build a stronger business.  We developed this survey by working with a group of  CrossFit affiliate owners to find out what they wanted to know about other affiliates & how they run their businesses. The Affiliate Yearbook is divided into 8 sections and all  the responses pertain to your 2015 fiscal year.

The Affiliate Yearbook covers the following operational items:

AY7 HD.jpg

1.    Business Overview

2.   Athlete Demographics

3.    Membership Types

4.    Competitions & Events

5.    Class Structure

6.    Coaches & Staff Members

7.   Marketing & Advertising

8.  Operations


As a CrossFit Affiliate owner, by completing this survey you will receive a free copy of the results.

You can leverage the data in numerous ways to make sound business decisions. For example, after reviewing the Affiliate Yearbook, you may decide that your gym needs to offer a 3x week membership, or that it’s time to invest in that floor scrubber you’ve been considering. The data published in the Affiliate Yearbook is an invaluable tool that can be used to benchmark the performance of your box so you can make smarter decisions for your business.

 Purchase a Hard Copy of the Affiliate Yearbook


Once you have completed the 2016 survey and it has been closed out, we will email you a free digital copy of the Affiliate Yearbook to download.  



The Affiliate yearbook is broken down into different categories so that you can filter by information that is most important to you. Easily sort by an affiliate's marketing, business, operational, or financial data. 

Track key industry trends and learn valuable insights to how a typical box operates their business.There are hundreds of comparisons that you can make with the Affiliate Yearbook to improve your business now and in the future.